A Collection of Animals

A Collection of Animals

Animals symbolize virtues, character traits, or values. They become totems when mounted on a ring, a necklace, a brooch or earrings. Set with emeralds or sapphires by Boucheron’s gifted artisans, animals become precious and exclusive companions. Hummingbird or wolf, polar bear or white swan: over 20 different species fill the bestiary of the Collection of Animals.

Hans, the hedgehog ring Ring set with round rubies and black diamond, in pink gold

Delicate and playful, Hans, the hedgehog represented by this ring is both rounded and spiky.
The precision of the gold crafting adds surprising reality to the animal. One of the Maison’s signature codes, the Pointe de diamant motif, gives the jewel a mirror aspect, full of light and sparkle.
A protective animal, Hans, the hedgehog sits tenderly on the finger thanks to this dazzling and precious ring.

2 round rubies, 0,02 carats
1 black diamond, 0,01 carats
Pink gold 750

Shibli, the lion cub ring Ring set with a cabochon pink quartz, pavé brown and white diamonds and cabochon emeralds, in pink gold

The Shibli, lion cub ring, transposes the dazzling figure, the strength and the courage of the animal. It holds the role of king of animals, which means that it never stops to protect those close to it, especially its little ones. As a guardian, it defends palaces and protects families. Shibli means "lion cub" in Swahili, the Bantu language of East Africa. This ring gives self-confidence to women who wear it.

1 cabochon pink quartz, 8,81 carats
2 cabochon emeralds, 0,06 carat
153 brown round diamonds, 3,52 carats
38 white round diamonds, 0,79 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 10,01g

Nuri, the Parrot ring Ring set with pavé tsavorites and orange, pink, yellow round sapphires, and diamonds, in pink gold

A playful and faithful companion, "Nuri", whose name means parrot in Indonesian, is a cockatoo with a magnificent plumage.
The parrot’s plumage symbolizes the elements of life such as the sun, water or fire. So it is quite natural that Nuri, the Parrot became the messenger of beauty and life for the woman who wears it.

83 orange round sapphires, 0,87 carat
32 pink round sapphires, 0,34 carat
43 round tsavorites, 0,45 carat
27 yellow round sapphires, 0,30 carat
2 white round diamonds, 0,01 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 5,04g

Fuzzy, the Leopard Cat Ring Ring set with a green tourmaline, emeralds, champagne and white diamonds, in pink gold

Fuzzy, the leopard cat got his spotted fur and its name from the Bengal leopard.
As the symbol of courage and freedom, this voluminous ring with its luminous green cushion tourmanline and its emeralds green eyes is the ideal companion for independant women.

1 green cushion tourmaline min. 9,00 carats
345 champagne round diamonds 3,13 carats
134 round diamonds 0,88 carat
4 cabochon emeralds 0,16 carat
black lacquer
pink gold 750/1000 20,85 g

Fuzzy, the Leopard Cat Ring Ring set with emeralds, champagne and white diamonds, in pink gold

Fuzzy, the leopard cat got his spotted fur and its name from the Bengal leopard.
As the symbol of courage and freedom, this adorable ring is the ideal companion for independant and delicate women.

401 champagne round diamonds 2,99 carats
80 round diamonds 0,53 carat
2 cabochon emeralds 0,13 carat
black lacquer
pink gold 750/1000 16,37 g

Nara, the Doe Ring Ring set with white and champagne diamonds, black sapphires and onyx, in pink gold

Both sweet and intuitive, Nara the doe is a symbol of femininity and sensitivity. Its eyes made of black lacquer and black sapphires are as intense as wild, a perfect fit for women with attitude.

418 champagne round diamonds 7,30 carats
79 round diamonds 0,59 carat
1 brown round diamond 0,14 carat
Onyx 0,21 carat
2 black marquise sapphires 0,47 carat
Pink gold 750/1000 15,21 g

Hopi, the hummingbird ring Ring set with a morganite, paved with diamonds and sapphires, in white and pink gold

The hummingbird loves flowers that are fragrant and full of life. Well known as the smallest bird in the world, his beauty and his speed surprise. Boucheron's Hopi ring is set with a 34 carats morganite, diamonds, blue and pink saphirs on white and rose gold.

1 oval morganite min. 34,00 ct
351 round diamonds 4,38 ct
2 blue round sapphires 0,02 ct
30 pink round sapphires 0,32 ct
White and pink gold 750/1000 15,32 g

Kaa, the snake ring Ring set with a smoky quartz, in pink gold

A protective animal, the Kaa snake in pink gold enfolds a smoky quartz of 15.35 carats with sensuality, into an elegant ring.

1 smoky quartz 15,35 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 17,78 g

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