A Collection of Animals

A Collection of Animals

Animals symbolize virtues, character traits, or values. They become totems when mounted on a ring, a necklace, a brooch or earrings. Set with emeralds or sapphires by Boucheron’s gifted artisans, animals become precious and exclusive companions. Hummingbird or wolf, polar bear or white swan: over 20 different species fill the bestiary of the Collection of Animals.

Honu, the turtle ring, pink quartz Ring set with a sculpted pink quartz and diamonds, in pink gold

A symbol of eternity, the sea turtle is the incarnation of wisdom and prudence, and of the warmth of the seas where it lives. “Honu” means “turtle” in Tahitian.
The pink quartz gives reality to Honu, the turtle ring . Its curved shell is finely sculpted to represent scales.

1 pink cabochon quartz, 5,25 carats
15 white round diamonds, 0,13 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 4,97 g

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