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From long pendant earrings featuring gold, rock crystal and precious stones to discreet stud diamond-spangled earrings, the power of fascination of Boucheron creations resides in the perfect balance between shapes and materials. Earrings match the face of their bearers, enhance their eyes and naturally brighten their beauty and charms.

Serpent Bohème ear studs XS Motif Ear studs set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

The Bohème spirit is about the quest for an artistic ideal, in a way that is carefree, light-hearted and without constraint.
This is the very essence of the Serpent Bohème collection.
Ear studs that offer style for everyday and status for special occasions.

16 round diamonds, 0,25 carats
White gold 750/1000, 2,35g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs XS Motif Ear studs set with pavé diamonds, in yellow gold

Discreet or impressive, modern and vintage, each creation
awake the desire of a collection in line with each personality, as for the delicate small ear studs.

16 round diamonds, 0,25 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000, 2,18g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs, S motif Ear studs set with white mother-of-pearl, in yellow gold

One of Boucheron's great classics, the Serpent has reigned proud in the Maison's collections since 1870. Set with a white mother-of-pearl drop crowned with yellow gold beads, these Serpent Bohème studs gracefully adorn the ear.

2 white mother-of-pearls 2,63 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,16 g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs, S motif Ear studs set with lapis lazuli, in yellow gold

These Serpent Bohème stud earrings attract attention with their fine gold sculpting and deep blue lapis lazuli. This enchanting design, unique to Serpent Bohème, testifies to the Maison Boucheron's expert craftsmanship.

2 lapis lazulis 3,50 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,20 g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs, S motif Ear studs set with citrin, in yellow gold

Crowned with gold beads, these Serpent Bohème stud earrings combine the sensual allure and subversive spirit of this collection. They emanate the desire and captivating charm of citrine.

2 citrins 2,93 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,15 g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs, S motif Ear studs set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

There is something hypnotic about the Serpent Bohème rhodolite garnet stud earrings. Their charming design appeals to spirited women, and to their femininity.

2 rhodolite garnets 4,25 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 2,11 g

Serpent Bohème Ear Studs, S motif Ear studs set with malachite, in yellow gold

The Serpent Bohème malachite stud earrings figuratively reproduce the snake's head in the form of a drop. This sensual and timeless motif will appeal to adventurous free women.

2 malachites 4,50 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,38 g

Quatre Radiant Edition Mini Ring Single Clip Earring Single clip earring set with 7 diamonds in yellow and white gold

Boucheron has played with its icon and created a new version of the look by taking away one of the codes. The gap in this clip earring marks the absence of the Grosgrain motif, as if to make its existence more real. With its asymmetry and mix of materials, this creation expresses the Boucheron free spirit in all its splendor.

7 Round diamonds 0,14 carat
Yellow and white gold 750 4,20g

Serpent Bohème ear studs, S Motif Stud earrings set with two turquoises, in yellow gold

The Serpent Bohème stud earrings reveal all the vitality of this iconic collection first produced by the Boucheron workshops in 1868. The turquoises adorning the drop motif with a contrasting blue are strikingly charming.

2 Turquoises 2,55 carats
Yellow gold 750 2,14g

Serpent Bohème Earstuds XS Motif Earstuds set in pink gold with diamonds

The Serpent Bohème XS Motif ear studs belong to one of the most iconic collections of the Maison Boucheron – this season available in pink gold.

16 round diamonds 0,25 carats
Rose gold 750/1000 2,05g

Serpent Bohème Earstuds S Motif Earstuds set in yellow gold with carnelian

As earstuds, the carnelian radiates like two red amulets set with yellow gold that enhance the figure.

2 pear carnelians 2,94 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,15g

Serpent Bohème single stud earring S and XS motifs Single stud earring set with white mother-of-pearl and rounds diamonds, in yellow gold

Combine these incredibly versatile ear studs at will. In yellow gold, these fine diamond-paved single drops adorn your ear with an adorable touch of brightness. Add a second detachable mother-of-pearl motif to it and extend possibilities.

1 pear white mother-of-pearl 1,50 carats
8 round diamonds 0,16 carat
Yellow gold 750/1000 2,55 g

Serpent Bohème single stud earring S and XS motifs Single stud earring set with rhodolite garnet and round diamonds, in pink gold

What if these incredibly modular jewels now set the rules? Wear them as little studs and let them be your outfits' best friends!

1 pear rhodolite garnet, 2,20 carats
8 round diamonds 0,17 carat
Pink gold 750/1000 2,46 g

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