Personal talismans, tokens of eternal love or own allegories: each Boucheron pendant is a secret case for your feelings. Gold, crystal, and precious stones enhance their beauty to convey the most beautiful thoughts and give strength to their bearers.

Hans, the hedgehog pendant Pendant set with round rubies and black diamond, in pink gold

Softly rounded under its delicate spikes, Hans, the hedgehog pendant is easily tamed. The Pointe de diamant motif, an emblem of the Maison Boucheron, gives light to the jewel by creating multiple reflections. The work on the gold gives the animal life-like reality.
Hans, the Hedgehog sits tenderly on the neckline and becomes a precious protector.

2 round rubies, 0,02 carats
1 black diamond, 0,01 carats
Pink gold 750
Length : 42 cm

Quatre Classique mini ring Pendant Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

In his initial interpretation, the pendant Quatre is a real emblem of the Maison Boucheron.
Each golden ring represents an iconic code of the Maison and illustrates the talents of its craftmen.

16 round diamonds 0,25 carats
Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 6,09 g and brown PVD

Honu, the turtle pendant, pink quartz Pendant set with a sculpted pink quartz and diamonds, in pink gold

In many cultures, the turtle is a symbol of the earth, solidity and stability. In China, in particular, it becomes the incarnation of the world. It is known as the holder of the secrets of the sky and the earth. It is said that its shell teaches us how to protect ourselves from injuries, envy, jealousy and the inconsideration of others: the turtle is a wise and thoughtful animal, a protector of humanity.
"Honu" means "turtle" in Tahitian.

1 cabochon pink quartz, 5,30 carats
15 white round diamonds, 0,13 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 6,23 g
Length: 44cm, with adjustment hoops at 40 and 42 cm

Quatre White Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and ceramic.

Quatre White Edition brings a hint of freshness with the ceramic, which illuminates the clou de Paris motif.
Extremely refined, this feminine and elegant pendant is perfect for those seeking a jewel for every day.

16 round diamonds 0,25 carats
Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 5,35g and white ceramic 0,10g

Nuri, the Parrot pendant Pendant set with pavé round tsavorites, orange, yellow, pink sapphires and diamonds, in pink gold

A playful and faithful companion, "Nuri", whose name means parrot in Indonesian, is a cockatoo with a magnificent plumage.
The parrot’s plumage symbolizes the elements of life such as the sun, water or fire. So it is quite natural that Nuri, the Parrot became the messenger of beauty and life for the woman who wears it.

47 orange round sapphires, 0,61 carat
29 yellow round sapphires, 0,42 carat
20 pink round sapphires, 0,29 carat
36 round tsavorites, 0,45 carat
2 white round diamonds, 0,01 carat
Pink gold 750/1000 6,85 carats
Length: 44 cm, with adjustment hoops at 40 and 42cm

Pivoine pendant Pendant set with a round diamond and pavé diamonds, in pink gold

The Pivoine pendant’s motif evokes an elegantly stylized flower.
This graceful pendant is adorned with softly interlacing petals that delicately frame a central diamond.
Both refined and discreet, this jewel will enhance any outfit, whether simple or sophisticated.

1 round diamond, 0,20 carat
24 round diamonds, 0,16 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 2,83 g
Length 44,00 cm, adjustment hoops at 42,00 and 38,00 cm

Limited Edition - Quatre Classique Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

Paying homage to the Boucheron codes, this Quatre classique mini ring pendant celebrates the Maison’s savoir-faire and the skill of sculpting precious materials.
The pendant version of the iconic Quatre ring is a study of lightness and remarkable innovative aesthetics. It is the perfect jewel for every occasion, easily worn every day.

1 Round diamond 0,01 ct
Yellow gold, pink gold, white gold 750/1000 5,70 g and brown PVD

Hera, the peacock medallion Medallion in rock crystal, on pink and white gold, round cultured pearls, and diamonds

A symbol of immortality, peace and prosperity, the Peacock of a hundred eyes, like a loyal guardian, constantly charms and protects whomever it is attached to.
According to Greek mythology, the “eyes” that can be seen on the peacock’s tail were placed there by Hera.

619 round diamonds, 5,48 carats
3 pear diamonds, 0,22 carat
2 princesse diamonds, 0,40 carat
152 multi-colored round cultured pearls, 91,60 carats
1 gold round cultured pearl, 4,60 carats
Rock crystal, 12,00 g
Pink gold 750/1000, 24,07 g
White gold 750/1000, 6,80 g

Quatre White Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond, in yellow, white, pink gold and ceramic

The Maison's iconic Quatre can also be worn as a pendant set with diamonds. The graphic design of the Quatre White Edition sublimates strong women who embrace their independence.

1 round diamond 0,01 carat
Yellow gold, white gold and pink gold 750/1000 5,51 g
and white ceramic 0,10 g

Serpent Bohème pendant S Motif Pendant set in pink gold with diamonds

The art of the Magician of Stones consists in accentuating the brilliance of the stones by using the grain setting technique: the head of the serpent is highlighted and magnified. The dazzle of this line is enhanced by the delicate gold beads that surround them. All of this magic is reflected in the Serpent Bohème pendant.

8 round diamonds, 0.33 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 7.85 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, M motif Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Created in 1968, Serpent Boheme went through the years and became one of the most iconic collection of the Maison. On its twisted chain, the head of the snake is symbolized by a drop set with diamonds and crowned with gold beads. The honeycomb design allows the light to pass through, giving the stones even more sparkle. In pink gold, this long necklace invokes Boucheron's free spirit.

15 round diamonds 0,64 carat
pink gold 750/1000 8,37 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, XS motif Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Since first emerging from the Maison’s workshop in 1968, Serpent Bohème has endured over the years to become a Boucheron classic. On its delicate twisted chain, this pink gold pendant is set with diamonds and crowned with gold beads for a feminine and captivating aesthetic.

8 round diamonds 0,14 carat
pink gold 750/1000 5,37 g

Pompon Pendant Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

The Pompon collection is inspired by Haute Couture – a theme to which Maison Boucheron returns time and again. It features a rose gold chain, with pavé-set diamond fringes that sparkle at the slightest movement. The diamonds appear to float in mid-air thanks to the use of the special serti aérien, a setting technique invented by Boucheron.

152 brown round diamonds 6,17 carats
16 square diamonds 0,42 carat
Pink gold 750/1000 17,75 g

Plume de Paon Pendant Plume de Paon necklace, set with one rose-cut diamond and pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Feathers have been a key motif in the Boucheron story since 1866. The masterful use of gold, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of how to create three-dimensional pieces, lend this rose gold necklace a floating structure and fluidity that exude strength and seduction.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,52 carat
563 round diamonds 4,47 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 25,01 g

SERPENT BOHÈME PENDANT, S MOTIF Pendant set with mother-of-pearl, in pink gold

The graceful Serpent Bohème pendant in pink gold and mother-of-pearl reveals all the sublime sensuality of the collection.

1 pink mother-of-pearl 1,32 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 4,10 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, S motif Pendant set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

There is something magnetic about the Serpent Bohème pendant. Its rhodolite garnet stone steals attention with its deep, intense color.

1 rhodolite garnet 2,24 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 4,08 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, M motif Pendant set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

The Serpent Bohème pendant embodies the subversive power of the collection. There is something magnetic and mysterious about the rhodolite garnet stone confidently adorning the neck that will appeal to spirited women.

1 rhodolite garnet 5,06 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 5,10 g

Quatre Red Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond in yellow, pink, white gold and red ceramic

The Quatre Red line comes in a pendant for stylish, everyday use.

1 round diamond 0,01 carat
Yellow, pink and white gold 750 5,17g
Red ceramic

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