Personal talismans, tokens of eternal love or own allegories: each Boucheron pendant is a secret case for your feelings. Gold, crystal, and precious stones enhance their beauty to convey the most beautiful thoughts and give strength to their bearers.

Serpent Bohème pendant S Motif Pendant set in pink gold with diamonds

The art of the Magician of Stones consists in accentuating the brilliance of the stones by using the grain setting technique: the head of the serpent is highlighted and magnified. The dazzle of this line is enhanced by the delicate gold beads that surround them. All of this magic is reflected in the Serpent Bohème pendant.

8 round diamonds, 0.33 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 7.85 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, M motif Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Created in 1968, Serpent Boheme went through the years and became one of the most iconic collection of the Maison. On its twisted chain, the head of the snake is symbolized by a drop set with diamonds and crowned with gold beads. The honeycomb design allows the light to pass through, giving the stones even more sparkle. In pink gold, this long necklace invokes Boucheron's free spirit.

15 round diamonds 0,64 carat
pink gold 750/1000 8,37 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, XS motif Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Since first emerging from the Maison’s workshop in 1968, Serpent Bohème has endured over the years to become a Boucheron classic. On its delicate twisted chain, this pink gold pendant is set with diamonds and crowned with gold beads for a feminine and captivating aesthetic.

8 round diamonds 0,14 carat
pink gold 750/1000 5,37 g

SERPENT BOHÈME PENDANT, S MOTIF Pendant set with mother-of-pearl, in pink gold

The graceful Serpent Bohème pendant in pink gold and mother-of-pearl reveals all the sublime sensuality of the collection.

1 pink mother-of-pearl 1,32 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 4,10 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, S motif Pendant set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

There is something magnetic about the Serpent Bohème pendant. Its rhodolite garnet stone steals attention with its deep, intense color.

1 rhodolite garnet 2,24 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 4,08 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, M motif Pendant set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

The Serpent Bohème pendant embodies the subversive power of the collection. There is something magnetic and mysterious about the rhodolite garnet stone confidently adorning the neck that will appeal to spirited women.

1 rhodolite garnet 5,06 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 5,10 g

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