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Revolutionary and realistic as animals and flowers; graphic and minimalist as Quatre variations; lofty and immortal as Timeless creations: the uncompromising Boucheron rings reveal their bearers’ personalities as few things do.

Quatre Black Edition Small Ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in white gold and black PVD

A signature of the Boucheron spirit, the Quatre Black Edition ring combines all of the iconic codes of the Maison.
Pure and intense, black enhances white gold in a dazzling contrast; the diamonds are magnified by a mirror setting. A modern ring for those who favor a certain French rock’n’roll attitude.

33 diamonds, 0,25 carats
White and Boucheron black gold 750

Quatre Classique Small Ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

The Quatre ring combines several gold engraving techniques and is inspired by the architecture of Paris. The result is a sparkling play of brilliance and texture. The delicate setting of the diamonds gives the ring a stunning and unique aspect.
A jewel which is both discreet and precious with a signature style.

33 diamonds, 0,25 carats
Yellow, pink and Boucheron gold 750

Quatre Radiant Edition Solitaire Solitaire set with a round diamond and pavé diamonds, in yellow and white gold

The Quatre Radiant Edition solitaire brings together pavé-set diamonds and the Grosgrain motif, emblematic fabric of the Parisian Haute Couture and of Frédéric Boucheron's ancestors.
Thanks to the mirror setting, the ring catches the light while the combination of the two bands demonstrates the talent of the Hands of Light craftsmen.
A graphic and original solitaire that celebrates the beauty of love’s promise.

1 round diamond, 0,20 carats
24 Diamonds, 0,18 carats
White gold, yellow gold 750

Hans, the hedgehog ring, Diamonds Ring set with pavé diamonds, blue round sapphires, and black diamond, in white gold

The hedgehog, delicate and playful animal, is both rounded and spiky. The Hans ring, thanks to the precision of the gold and precious stones crafting adds surprising reality to the animal. One of the Maison’s signature codes, the Pointe de diamant motif, gives the jewel a mirror aspect and the diamonds quality gives a real brilliance.
As a protective animal, Hans, the hedgehog sits tenderly on the finger thanks to this fine and magnificent ring.

24 white round diamonds, 0,16 carat
1 black round diamond, 0,01 carat
2 blue round sapphires, 0,02 carat
White gold 750/1000 , 8,16 g

Quatre Radiant Edition small ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in white gold

Much more than a jewel, the Quatre ring is a jewelry sculpture, an ode to the light. The Radiant Edition line is the most visually graphic and flamboyant of all. Monochromatic in white gold, it is a celebration of pure gold – a quintessential expression of Boucheron style.
It is a bold statement of style and independence, a state of mind.
This thinner version of the ring ensures an elegant and graceful look.

33 round diamonds, 0,25 carat
White gold 750/1000, 7,30 g

Vendôme Liseré Ring Ring set with an emerald-cut diamond, paved with round diamonds in white gold with a black lacquer border

The Liseré creations reflect the architectural codes the Maison Boucheron has always cherished, in particular the octogonal shape of the Place Vendôme from above. The white gold ring, paved with diamonds enhanced by black lacquer will shine on your hand like a beacon of the Parisian elegance and refinement, and embody the true Boucheron style.

1 emerald cut diamond 0,30 carat
44 round diamonds 0,22 carat
White gold 750/1000 4,60 g
Black lacquer

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