Boucheron & Mathias Kiss

Boucheron invited the artist Mathias Kiss to design a showcase for the new versions of the Quatre Radiant rings,
offering him the freedom to express himself on the fascinating, elusive theme of Light.

Thus, Mathias Kiss created a temporary installation at 26 Place Vendôme: the "Radiant Room," which plays on the sense of direction through a lack of visual cues. The public is invited to discover the sensory experience of this artistic collaboration beginning on December 1, 2015.

Boucheron has been cultivating the art of light since it was founded in Paris in 1858. The brand, built in this "City of Light", has always brought special attention to creating and revealing pure sparkle.

Boucheron's encounter with Mathias Kiss was therefore the work of destiny. Both possess an absolute mastery of the symbolic language and technical applications of their respective professions, and both respect tradition and understand how and when to break with it. Only when the creative spirit is liberated can it shine a light on true beauty.